Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gourmet Goodies and Vortex Goodness

Today is what we call a Good Day. When I got home from work there were not one, but TWO packages loaded with vaping goodness waiting for me. The first was some sample juice fun from the fine folks at Gourmet Vapor (who have now been added to the list to the right). The second was an awesome-looking new carto system from Got Vapes (also now linked) that is sure to keep my gizmo fix in check for a few days.

Still a week or two away from testing the juice, of course, since it's clearly going to have to steep a wee bit. Like the impatient child I am, I did try a couple or three of them.

Because I was ordering from Gourmet Vapor I naturally had to try my hand at mixing my own juices. I concocted one of my favorite beverages, Sailor Jerry Rum and cranberry juice, as well as an American Tobacco version of RY4 with a touch o' honey.  They're called Capt's CranJerry and US4-Honey, respectively. Give 'em a try if you're so inclined!

Gourmet Vapor sample and 15ml sizes.

I'll have full reviews on them once they've set for a bit, but even right out of the bottle I like. In fact, I think I like them a lot!  We'll give them some time and see.

Also picked up Maiden Coffee, Red Marble, RY-5, and RY-4. The latter two on my never ending quest to find the perfect RY-4, of course.  Just a little preview... Maiden Coffee really is as good as they say.  I've tried several "coffee" flavors and thrown away every one of them. Being the optimistic and hopeful vaper I am, I tried one more time. And this one has the potential to be a massive winner.

 Also in is a an intriguing device called the Vortex cartomizer from Got Vapes. I first blush it looks like a CE2 carto, but on inspection you'll find that it's quite different.  It is a "tank" style, as you can see, but there's no visable wicks. Instead the center air tube runs up the middle like normal and the wicks and atty are hidden down at the bottom in a little inclosure.  It's kind of like a tank version of a regular 808-D1 carto.
Vortex 808-D1 Cartomizer system with optional application bottle.

First impressions, right out of the package they smell like plastic. Bleh!  Quick rinse took care of that and I couldn't detect it at all when vaping on them.  They also have an interesting little cap on them where the mouthpiece goes. It comes off and they accept a standard drip tip/mouth piece just fine, but the cap is quite nice on it's own. Big squishy rubbery thingie.

That's kind of fun to say.

The only negative so far is that these guys are too thick for the cone on my VGo. So, it's vaping sans cone. No big deal really, they look cool enough, but don't stick it in your pocket when the carto is attached without the cone. They tend to break off and spill juice all down your leg.  Not that I've ever done that, I'm just saying...

Anyhow, I'll put them through their paces and see how they do.  My evil plan is to do a full review of several different 808-style cartos all at once but I'm waiting on one more type to come in this week before plunging in. Perhaps this weekend or next. So far, though, I'm liking it.  Then again, that's about a grand total of 15 minutes of vaping time, so . . .

The vaping world is full of really great small businesses. Patronize these folks. We want them to stay in the business for a long time to come and keep offering up these wicked good products. Two thumbs up to both Gourmet Vapor and Got Vapes and stay tuned!

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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