Monday, April 25, 2011

Alien Landing!

The Alien Visions E-Juice sampler arrived today.  This a great deal at twenty bucks if you've been thinking of trying their juice.  I ordered up the five 6ml bottle sampler and selected these in 18mg:

Order with no fear. Instant email confirmation, email confirmation on shipping, and everything got here in a few days. Very sweet! Two enthusiastic thumbs up on that score.

 Blah, blah, but what about the juice, right?

First, I dunno if this stuff needs to steep or not. The one I'm trying as I write this is Boba's Bounty. This is the flavor that drove me to the website after such enthusiastic reviews, positive and negative.  I love weird, oddball, out of the ordinary juices.  Something called Boba's Bounty fits the bill nicely.

No date of manufacture on the bottle, but these are samples, so I can't get too picky. The regular bottles may actually have dates on them. Regardless, I'll probably let all of these steep for about a week before I give 'em a proper test.

Anyhow, right out of the bottle Boba's Bounty is certainly vapable. (Is that a word?  Is now. Ha!) Oh and it's fairly thick and... red!  Not like blood red, but a translucent red that looks funky going into the carto. Should look wicked in a clear CE2. heh!

But what does it taste like?!?

Well, many people say it's a sweet tobacco base.  I don't get tobacco at all. I get... some sort of sweet cereal. Can't put my finger on it, but I'm flashing back to Saturday Morning cartoons.Sweet and a little nutty and something baked. This is not a bad thing, just unexpected from something that's suppose to be a tobacco flavor.

I'm vaping on my VGo, but I've kind of been using it all day. Still seems to be going pretty strong, though. I'm using a standard KR808-D1 carto (~3.0 Ohm), one of the Premium cartos from Vapor 4 Life. I've also popped the carto onto my (fully charged) V2 long-style 808 and getting pretty much the same, although the flavor dropped a half-notch.  Regardless, this seems to be a good juice that'll perform well at different voltages and resistance.

 After steeping for about a week or two, we'll pop this juice into a CE2-style carto, use a fully charged VGo battery, and see what it really does.  I'll use the CE2 on account VG does not play well with regular filler-style cartos. I haven't used a pure VG in a CE2 yet, so It'll be interesting to see what it does.

 When you apply Boba's to the filler, let it sit for a good long while. It's going to take some time for it to soak up the juice.  I bottom filled this one and then topped it off with drips directly into the carto.  Works nicely, but go slow and let it absorbed fully, and give it a dab with a paper towel before vaping.

So far, so good for Boba's Bounty. I like the flavor.  Great, puffy cloudy vapor production, as expected. Solid throat hit and, for it being VG, a surprisingly strong flavor on the inhale and exhale. Winner? The more I vape it, the more I like it.  I'm gonna call it a winner.

Next up we have Hype, which I wanted to try for two reasons. One, well, it's called Hype. How can you not try a juice called Hype. Second, it's described as a blend of peaches and melon. The only three fruity flavored juices I've enjoyed thus far are Cranberry, Pear and Peach. Since the point of this exercise is to stretch my vaping boundaries past standard tobacco flavors, Hype sounded like a good try. (I also grabbed the blueberry one, so....)

I used a lower resistance carto on this one because... well... because I could.  This is not a terribly sweet vape. Just the right amount of sweetness, actually. A taste, as it were. Hard hit of the peach up front with a nice smooth melon flavor at the end. The melon is more like a honeydew than watermelon. It also lingers. I can taste it after exhaling the vapor for several minutes afterward.  Good vapor for a PG liquid and a medium-sized throat hit.

All that adds up to a complete win and a strong recommendation if you want a nice fruit vape without all the sweet fruity nonsense. Big puffy, clouds of vape your face off goodness on this one.  I can see this being added to my regular arsenal. Yuppers!

The other's I've only gotten a whiff of so far, but we'll get reviews on them up and running ASAP.  In fact, we'll do a proper review on each of these after I've let 'em set a bit.  I'm a little leery of the blueberry one, because it smells exceedingly strong.  Well, it is called Very Berry, after all.  Smells like that nasal assault of blueberry madness you get when you make muffins out of a box. You know, when you pop the can open to drain the juice out?  Yah, smells wicked strong like that.  We'll see...

So far, AVE is batting 1000 in my book. A lot of times when I order samplers I really only get one or two that impress me. Two out of five right off the bat (vape pun!) has me encouraged.  With smooth, fast service and juice like this, I'm thinking Mr. Labarre at AVE will be seeing more of my hard earned dollars shortly.

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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