Juice Pantry

These are the juices I keep stocked in my "Juice Pantry" all the time. I vape all my juices at 12mg of nic. When given the option, I prefer 70% PG / 30% VG. All juices are reviewed thusly unless stated otherwise.

Tobacco Flavors

555 from Backwoods Brew - When you switch from cigs to vaping, it's hard to find a tobacco flavored juice that suits. This is it. To be frank, it's not going to be like your cigarette brand. It doesn't even bother to try. It's just fantastic. 555 is one of the go-to juices many beginner and experienced vapers crave. Backwoods Brew's version is perfection. It has a wonderful BWB blend of tobacco flavors with a "just right" sweetness and a firm nutty undertone that sets off the blend in style. Plenty of throat hit and clouds of vapor are provided in every bottle. This is the one I recommend to anyone having trouble finding their all-day-vape.

Casablanca Blend from Backwoods Brew - I do not like turkish tobacco flavors. They come across as harsh, overpowering and nothing like the real thing. I also do not like chocolate flavors. They always have a fake plastic taste and don't even come close to the ecstasy that is good chocolate. Then Don of Backwoods Brew comes along, crams both flavors I dislike into one bottle of juice and makes them work brilliantly. So much for my staunch anti-turkish, anti-chocolate vape stance! Casablanca is just one of those tobacco flavored juices everyone should try at least once. It's not like any of the other BWB tobacco blends. The dark, rich taste of good turkish tobacco blended with subtle chocolate undertones. I don't know how BWB does it, but they did and that's all that matters. This is the vape a prefer in the morning with my coffee and after dinner. It's the perfect relax in luxury vape.

Honey Flu Tobacco from Backwoods Brew - It's so hard to find a good flu cured tobacco flavor, so stop looking. It's right here. Honey Flu is one of the best vapes out there for tobacco flavor enthusiasts. It has a solid tobacco flavor, nice throat hit, and a light sweetness to it that screams "all day vape!" I find the taste and sweetness dialed back a notch from my preferred 555 (although you can dial it back up by going with the Honey Nut Flu blend). It's smooth and easy to vape. The honey taste to it is also one of the most authentic I've found. If you're looking for a tobacco flavor that tastes like a tobacco flavor, and have found others lacking, give this one a try. It's a well rounded vape!

Line Rider from Nite Lite Vapor - When you vape, eventually you find that one juice that does it for you every time. Some people call this their "all-day vape" or "go to juice" but for me it's just "my juice" and everything else is just everything else. Line Rider is that juice. This is NLV's take on 555 tobacco; that nutty, slightly sweet, slightly dry flavor that everyone who enjoys tobacco flavors tries at some point. This version has a level of complexity to it that you just can't get from any other juice. Give a little steep time and it's pure, smooth, vaping goodness.

Bounty Hunter from Nite Lite Vapor - This is the one that finally replaced the multitude of RY4 flavors I used to have around. I'm always trying to find a perfect RY4. Honestly, this isn't it. BH is it's own flavor and it's one of the best vapes available. Mild, but rich tobacco with discernible but subtle hints of other things. At various times I swear I taste caramel, or honey, or spices, or cinnamon, or vanilla, or who knows. Complex and beyond tasty, this an easy one to recommend to the experienced vaper.

Non-Tobacco Flavors

Malty and Malty Toffee from Backwoods Brew - Hands down the most addictive juice ever. To be honest, I only order this one on special occasions these days simply because I'll vape the whole bottle in a couple of days! How to describe it? In a word, cotton candy. But it's so much more than that! It's sweet and almost neutral. It's 70% VG, so there's tons upon tons of vapor. It's great for pumping up other vapes by mixing it right in. I've used it to clear an atty, as well. Mostly, though, just vape the crap out of it. I find dripping it is the absolute best way to enjoy Malty. The toffee variant is a great change up from time to time, as well. Sometimes hard to get, but always worth the wait, this is one juice that every vaper should have on their shelf.

Mountain Pop from Ms. Ts Bakery Essentials - People think I'm nuts when I have a Mountain Dew soda in one hand and vaporizer loaded with Mountain Pop in the other. I don't care. It's delicious.  The taste is identical and the nic in the juice actually gives it a bit of a pop. That sweet soda pop taste that just hits the spot is all here in one of the tastiest reproduction vapes around.