About VR

Hi. My name is Cris and I'm a vaper.

Welcome to the Vape Right blog!

I stopped smoking in January of 2011. My two little girls gave me the "Daddy, when are you going to stop smoking because we don't want you to die?" trip, followed by "You know the New Year is a good time for a revolution."


So, I bought a starter kit.

I quit smoking the same day the kit arrived.

Haven't looked back.

I am a huge believer that a person should never stop learning, I spend the vast majority of my time learning new things. When I can, I like to share those things with YOU!

That's what the Vape Right blog and series of books is all about. Passing on my experiences and discoveries about vaping.

Stop by often and see what's new, feel free to comment, and send in any suggestions you might have!

I am a Vaper

I do not smoke. I quit that. Now I vape.

I do not use an "e-cigarette." I quit cigarettes. I understand it's a marketing term, and perfectly acceptable when talking to non-vapers, but it's not one we'll be using very much at VR. It's PV or Personal Vaporizer.

Vaping is not smoking.

Vaping is a substitute for smoking. I think of it more like upgrading. Vaping is simply a better experience than smoking. Way better. Tastes better and stinks less, too.

Review Philosophy

I don't generally give bad reviews. I'll tell you about the downsides of a product, of course! But I always try to slant my reviews toward what type of vaper would enjoy a product. I may not enjoy a particular PV, accessory, or juice, but you might!

Products that are sent to me for review will have a special notice on them stating so. I do not do paid reviews. If the notice isn't on there, I paid for it with my own hard earned money.

If you have a product you would like to see reviewed on the Vape Right blog, please send me email at clubltdstudios@gmail.com.

PVs and Accessory Reviews

PVs, atomizers, tanks, cartomizers, drip tips, and all that stuff do not use any sort of scale or point rating. The reviews are just a straight rundown of my experience with the product. Reviews on the Vape Right blog also include a summary of each product with a recommendation about what kind of vaper I think would like it.

If something really, really pops my cork, it will get a Vape Right Choice recognition. This is the blog's highest recommendation and goes only to the best of the best. (As of this writing, I've never given one!)

Juice Reviews 

Juice reviews are based on a four point scoring scale. Four is the best, one is the worst. Vape Right uses three weighted criteria to review on: Taste, Vapor/TH, and Presentation.

Taste is just my opinion and description of the juice's flavor. This is weighted at 50% of the total score because I think it's the most important aspect of any juice. Hey, if doesn't taste good, what's the point!

Vapor/TH is my impressions of how much vapor and throat hit the vapor produces at various wattages. I'll put what device(s) I used to test the juice in this section. This is highly subjective category and combined make up 35% of the juice's Vape Right score.

Finally, Presentation is about packaging. While this only makes up 15% of the final Vape Right score, it seems to be a tough one to get right. Pretty or unique packaging with nice graphics is nice, and will certainly get a nod or two, but mainly what I'm looking for here is the details such as: Born on date, expiration date, bottle design and dispensing, warning label, childproofing and safety/quality measures, and (very important) a full and complete list of ingredients including what's in the flavoring.

An aside on Presentation:

The presentation category is important these days and was added specifically to address the terrible packaging juice makers often use. The days of slapping some PG and nicotine into a cheap plastic bottle are coming to end. Juice makers need to be going the extra mile to make sure their product is presented well and with all the information a customer needs to make a good choice. The list of ingredients, for example, is just vital. Yes, your juice may be made of approved food additives. Theproblem with that is, we're not eating this stuff. There is a very big difference between ingesting a substance and inhaling it as an aerosol into your mouth and lungs.

Just let us know what's in the stuff.


If you have a comment on a blog post, I greatly appreciate it if you post it directly in the comments section! If you feel it needs to be private, shoot me an email.

Contact me at clubltdstudios@gmail.com.