Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Juice and still Buzzin'

Lately, I haven't really been trying much new. I don't mean just juice, but pretty much anything vaping wise. Oh dear, have I settled?

Naw, probably not. :D

I did, however, manage to get a couple more new juices. My all-day, every-day vapes are NLV Bounty Hunter and Line Rider, as well as Backwoods Brew's Malty. I'll also throw NLV's whatever-tobacco-flavor of the moment. He keeps changing it. heh!  I started with Goldrush and most recently enjoyed Maverick. Now there's something called "NLV Gold Tobacco."  Ordered. We shall see.

The new ones...

Last time I mentioned Kick Bass Vapor's flavors and, of the lot, I really like the Monkey Bread one. It's a mild cinnamon flavor with a gentle sweetness to it. I expected more flavor out of it, but even after steeping it's pretty mild. It kinda-sorta-somewhat tastes like monkey bread. Close enough. I'd highly recommend it to someone who wants a sweeter, milder red hots flavor.

Be Oh Be's OMG is a strong mocha-coffee flavor with a light sweetness to it. OMG is right. Couldn't vape it at all. Still just can't get into those heavy coffee or chocolate flavors. Might have to put this one up for trade. If you do like those flavors, you'll probably got nuts for this one. KBV really does make good juice and you can taste it, even if the flavor isn't what you want.

I also tried Special K Tobacco from KBV. Not bad at all, as far as tobacco flavors are concerned. I'm spoiled now and have a tendency to compare everything to NLV's tobaccos, so I'm probably not the best judge. Still, if you're ready to graduate from Dekang tobacco flavors (USA Mix, Red, etc.) this would be a great one to try. I think you'll like.

From Backwoods Brew we have the still not so hot Backo. Very strong tobacco flavor. If I were still smoking I might like it a little better, but I like my tobacco vapes either sweeter, or more complex with other flavors now. This is in your face, dry, hardcore tobacco flavor here. If that's what you're after, BWB nailed it with this one, so give it a try. I may cut it a little with some VG, menthol, and a sweetner and see if it settles down a bit.

The other one from BWB I picked up (other than another 60 of Malty) is Orchard Frost. It's a fruit mix with menthol.  I said... A fruit mix with menthol.  Yes.  I said it. Not kidding.

Now, you might think that would be absolutely horrible. And you would be ok in thinking that. But it what really is... how do I say... Delightful. That's really the only word that comes to mind.  It's a got a solid berry mix fruit flavor to it (maybe some Apple?) with just a tiny hint of menthol. Not enough to really taste, but just enough to give it a cool feeling when you exhale. I have to admit, I really like it. Not all day vape like, but enough that I have it every other night or so. If you could stuff a cool glass of fruit juice into your atomizer, you'd have Orchard Frost.

No hardware recently. Still vaping on the Ikenvape Stealth 901s and iO6 306s. I just haven't found anything better. I do use the Vapor Kings 901s, as well. They're local and, for a standard 901s, very good quality. Still use the M1A1 Buzz Tank with the Ikenvape Fusion 801s. Yup.

I continue to look at and get the I-wants for other vaping hardware, but... Everytime I do I look at the Buzz Pro in my hand and go, "Naw."  When you've found something that's perfect, it's hard to get anything else, even for fun!  Notcigs' VVPV is looking aweful tempting though.... Now they have the EFC Approved Buzz Pro II. I mean, really? Bye-bye paycheck!

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,