Saturday, April 23, 2011

The ol' Vape O' Rama

So why Vape-O-Rama? I dunno. Change it? Keep it? Well... I dunno that either.

What I do know is I love vaping. My story is pretty simple and standard. My little ones gave me the "Daddy when you gonna stop smoking? Ya know New Years is a good time to make a resolution and we don't want you to, you know, die."


I ordered up a V2 Cigs standard kit back on January 14th. Got it, smoked it, haven't touched a cigarette since.*

But like most things that are cool and mildly geeky and fun with lots of options and gizmos and stuff to play with, I quickly became an obsessive vaper. What? Manual might be better than automatic? Sure, I'll take one. There's different cartomizers? Well, why not! Different battery types?!? Well, gimme some of those, yes sir! Mods?!?! Oh, hell yah!

And so on...

It's just sick.

But tasty sick!

Like most things I dive into head first I have this uncontrollable desire to share my experiences with others. This is probably why I'm a Trainer. I can't help it. Ta-daaa! Here's a blog!

First, things first. "What do you vape?" you ask. Well, here goes but keep in mind I'm really new at this. I'm still expanding my arsenal.

I love the simplicity of the 808-style batteries.

My current vaping machine is a KR VGo from Vapors Heaven with CE2 XL Cartos. This is the 1300 mAh version. It is truly a Vaping Beast. I love this thing. I'll review it soon and the cartos, as well, since I have several "CE2" 808-based "tank" cartomizers on the way.

Juice-wise things tend to change a lot. All day vapes I like RY4 and "Cowboy/USA Mix/Mboro/Whatever." In fact, my current quest is the perfect RY4. Suggestions welcome. My first love is the "cowboy" flavor in the V2 carto, probably because it was my first. Now V2... where's the juice! You promised! Ahem.

I'm also enjoying a Cranberry mix from Vapor Renu (16mg, 20mg caffeine, Renu blend, smooth hit). Tastes like cranberry cocktail. Also, having a bit of the Jeremy's Black Tea Blend from Vapor Kings. Perfect in a lower ohm carto for a nice warm tea vapor.

I'm also trying out stuff from Johnson's Creek, Mrs. Ts Bakery, and Alien Visions. More on those later, too.

Basically, I'm still trying a LOT of stuff. My immediate goals are to try a box mod (buy it? make? Anyone got a good set of plans?) and try all the damn juice I can. Looking forward to trying some from Backwoods Brew and a few others, but most of the flavors I'd like to try are out of stock. Gah! Ah well, probably for the best.

Longer term, I can't wait to try the Buzz and the Darwin and really high-end stuff like those. Wooot! Love to here some experiences on those and other mods you've enjoyed.

Anyhoo, drop a comment on here and let me know what you're favorite juice is because I'm always looking. Favorite RY4. And a solid box mod. Thinkin' of trying the Wet Box. Hmmm... Next up we'll talk about some PV goodness.

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

*Technically not true... I took three puffs off one about a month ago. I use to put those nasty things in mouth?!? SRS??? I nearly hacked up my intestines. Stay away from those things kids. they'll kill ya.

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