Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Blogger Vacation

Yow! I took a bit of a vacation from blogging there. Oops!

Several things kicked this off. In my last post I wrote about a bad vape day. I had a bad vape week or two, I think. Everything finally came together, though, and I was able to pull my head out and get back to vaping.

With the Buzz Pro, an M1A1 Buzz Tank, some IKV Fusion cartos, and a big fat pile of Nite Lite Vapor juice I figured I had reached vaping nirvana! Seriously, if that were maintainable, I'd probably never need to try another vaping device or juice again.

Alas, most of the problems I ranted about in the last post back in September are still very much alive and kicking. Major suckage.  Granted, I'm more prepared.  I have my BP and it works so well I'm probably going to buy another one just so that I can have one for each hand. But I still have massive problems getting the cartos and juice I want, when I want them.

Planning ahead is not one of my virtues.

I decided to start blogging again because I just got a new order of juice in from Kick Bass Vapor, and I've tried several others over the last couple of months that need a mention.

So far, the KBV stuff is not so good. Not terrible mind you, but fresh out of the mailbox, they seem a little off. So they're steeping for a bit and we'll give them another whirl soon enough.

I also got a win from Backwoods Brew. About 6 months ago I ordered up a couple from BWB, Virginia and Applewood Tobacco, I believe, because so many folks raved about the juice at this place. Not heeding the warnings people always give about BWB juice, I popped it straight from the mailbox into my atty and took a bit ol' tug.

Gak! Definitely the "ohmygodijustruiedanatty" flavor. Bleh!

No tobacco flavor and the Applewood tasty like stale apple cinder. Not a Good Thing.

Of course, the warning people always give about BWB juice is: You MUST let it steep.


So I let it sit for a couple of weeks and tried again. Meh!  Still no good.  Leap forward about 5 months and finally... Dear Lord in Heaven this is good juice.

Of course, I'm not going to wait 5 months for juice to taste good... but still, manoman it's good after it's ripened up a bit.  And it encourage me to try BWB again. So I did.

Now, a little aside here... Nite Lite Vapor started out making this lovely little juice called Goldrush. It was brilliant. Mild, yet firm, tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness. Just lovely. So lovely that it became my hands down, go-to, all day, every day, never gonna leave it vape.

And then they stopped making it. Dammit.

Don't get me wrong, NLV makes some damn fine juice. Their Renegade RY4 is something special, and if you don't have at least a 30 of Bounty Hunter sitting on your shelf... well, friend, you ain't vapin'.

But Goldrush was THE NLV flavor for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but...

Back to BWB. I ordered up three bottles, one tobacco called, appropriately, "Backo" and two odd balls called Malty and Malty Toffee.

Now, Backo isn't so hot. Actually, it taste like a dog farted in an atty and some fool hit the fire button. I'm gonna assume that one is going to need a wee bit of steep time.  I hope, anyway.

Malty and Malty toffee?

Pure heaven.

They aren't Goldrush, although I've seen people compare them.  No, Malty is a unique sweet flavor that some people have difficulty identifying because they don't have a seven year old around.

So, I'm sitting there watching some TV and vaping away on some heavenly Malty and my 7-year old daughter comes in and says "Who has cotton candy???"

Bingo! Eureka! And a big ol' bolt from the blue!

Yup, it's cotton candy. And Malty Toffee is ... er... toffee flavored cotton candy.

Now you wouldn't think that would be a great flavor to vape. Well, you would be wrong.

It's fabulous. Try it. Serious.

There's a difference between being forced to try something new because what you want isn't there, and experimenting because it's fun.  I prefer the latter.If you got what you need, try something new. And if you tried a juice vendor and didn't like what you got, try again. You never know when you'll hit a winner.

Oh, and try Ecoto Plasma from Juicy Vapor. Is that weird, or what???  IKR?

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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