Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Impressions of Some Nite Lite Vapors

Nite Lite Vapor is quickly becoming one of the hot spots for tobacco flavor juice lovers. Based out of Cedar Rapids, IA, the company is getting a reputation for premium e-juice, great customer service and very reasonable prices.

Naturally, I just had to have me some. After all, the western themed juice names all indicate a manly sort of manly vape. Images of cowboys and outlaws and lawmen riding around the Old West on their swift steeds, chugging whiskey straight from the bottle, sitting around a campfire singing songs, and taking a nice long toot on their purple LED, diamond bedazzled e-cigs just conjures up images of... wait... what?

Well, that didn't go where I wanted. Started to get all Broke Back Vaping there. Okay, so I'll be sticking with my plain old matte black VGo and clunky VV box mod, but inside you'll likely find some NLV juice. Yup, that's right partner. Giddy up and believe the hype. It's some tasty stuff.

I ordered up four NLV flavors to start with, all at 18mg of nic. NLV uses a 65PG/35VG blend. We have Bounty Hunter, U.S. Marshall, Goldrush, and Renegade RY-4. I also grabbed some Boge LR cartos because I hadn't tried them yet, and NLV's custom stainless steel whistle drip tip. Those fine folks at NLV threw in a sample of their new Vanilla Strait e-juice, and a Bottle Buddy case with some empty 6ml bottles. Sweet!

I do love me some free loot.  Points there!

Ordering was painless, shipping was quick, and email confirmations were all present and accounted for. The package arrive Priority Mail, well packed and tightly bubble wrapped. In both 10ml and 30ml sizes, NLV uses the childproof safety caps, hard bottles on the 10ml and soft squishy bottles for the 30ml. (Note: Sample sizes do not have the childproof cap.)

Critisisms? hmmm... They could hire a web designer?

That's probably picking a nit. And a small one, at that... The website works just fine and is painless to navigate without burning your retinas out.  Good enough.

On to the juice:

I'm pretty sure most of these need a bit of a steep, but here's my initial impressions.

Bounty Hunter - Nice, even tobacco flavor with an infusion of sweet vanilla. Tried it on the VGo and a VK 901 standard atomizer (I haven't checked its resistance lately, but should be about 2.8). Massive clouds of vapor.  Solid and quite enjoyable TH. There's a complexity to the flavors that clearly needs a little steep time, so we'll be back to this one. Some folks have been trying to compare or draw correlations between Bounty Hunter and Bobba's Bounty from AVE, but I don't taste it. Two VERY different juices. And Bounty Hunter is better in my book.  We'll give it some time, but I think this one is going to have a very wide appeal.

Goldrush - Since I started vaping I haven't had many (if any) moments where I really wanted a cigarette for the sake of having a cigarette. I do, however, miss the flavor sometimes. Well, this is the closest thing I've had yet. It's just sweet tobacco flavor, like you might find anywhere, but there's a blend to the tobacco flavorings that is completely reminiscent of smoking a good cig.  This is NLV's "Camel Cigarette" flavor, and while it does come close, it's not exact. But it doesn't need to be. If you want a smoke, this is the juice. It's a fine tasting vape. This is one I can easily see becoming a regular on my juice shelf.  Did this one on a Boge LR 510 carto on the VV box. It great at 3.7V, but took off like a rocket as I went past 4V.

Renegade RY-4 - I love that this has the strong taste of caramel. Too many RY-4s lately have been backing off that sticky caramel taste that just belongs in this kind of juice. The tobacco flavor is very light fresh out of the mail, though. It's fairly obvious it's going to come up as it steeps, so we'll have to come back to this one. Even not fully cooked, though, this is one of the better RY-4's I've had in awhile. Trying this one on a 2.8 Ohm CE2 r4 carto and blasting off from the VGo at 4.0V on the nose.

U.S. Marshall - I'll pass on a true first impression on this one because the bottle I got has a really strong menthol taste too it. I wrote to NLV and got a nice email from Gene about the juice. It does have a touch of menthol in it to "mellow it out" but apparently not enough that I should have noticed it. So, we'll let this one steep before we give it a proper shot and see how it does in a couple of weeks. The flavor I can taste under the menthol is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

I haven't tried the Vanilla Strait yet because it smells like birthday cake and I don't care for those... but I'll probably be nicely surprised if these juices are any indication.

I should also mention the whistle tip, as well, though it probably deserves its own separate review.  Not a huge fan of whistle tips. Nope, not at all. In fact, I usually toss 'em. So, why spend eight bucks on one? Hey, I'm an eternal optimist... and I wanted something a wee bit different.  All I can say is "WOW!"  This thing is awesome. It's not one of those narrow slit style tips, this is a full bore drip tip, made of stainless steel, with a big ol' honkin' center hole, and a great feel to it. Absolutely love this thing. Who'd have thought my new favorite tip would be a whistle tip. Freaky. But awesome kind of freaky.

Anyhow, what I like best about these juices is there's obviously some serious thought (and probably a lot of testing) put into them.  I'll do some proper reviews on a couple of them, of course, but already I can tell there's a complexity to them, combined with a clear quality, that makes these special mixes.  Generally speaking, juices tend to get better as they steep, with the flavors coming forward and mixing more prominently. If that happens with these NLV juices, I suspect we've got some superstars here.

Hell, they're already better than most juices I've tried. Saddle up, pardner. Nite Lite Vapor is gonna take your vape for the ride of its life.

Now excuse me, but I've got to go watch the remake of True Grit again...

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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