Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yee Haw! Juice Round Up: Gourmet Vapor

Since I haven't had time to post anything lately and have a ton of juices to review, I'm thinkin' we'll just have ourselves a good ol' fashion Juice Round Up! Yee Haw!

There's several on here that warrent a full review, but we'll come back to those later. I'm heading out with the family on vacation this week, so while there shall be much vapage insuing, there will be little vapage reporting.

I do want to write up my experiences about travel vaping, though, so this should be somewhat interesting. My plan is to carry two 1300mHa VGo bats and a back up pocket KR 808 bat, as well. That gives me two full days of vaping power should I forget to charge up. 

We'll have a USB wall charger and the car charger along, as well. In fact, with the DS and phones and vaping and Kindle and cameras and other devices, I think we're taking more stinkin' chargers than we are clothing. Geez!

Ok, so let's go to the juice shelf and see what we've got...

Gourmet Vapor

All of these were at an 80/20 PG/VG mix with 12mg of nic unless noted otherwise. TH was about medium, nice, and right where I like it. Vapor is solid with nice plumes of puffiness, as expected from an 80/20 liquid. These are generally mixed fresh when ordered, so a two week steep time is required! After about 4 weeks these all seemed to hit the sweet spot for me.

Mostly vaped on a 808 threaded VGo battery and an original Kanger 808D-1, dripping on a Vapor Kings 901 atty and from a Kanger 808 Carto.  A couple also got a run in the Got Vapes Vortex carto.

Maiden Coffee - Undecided. Frist drip vape was delicious. Loaded it into a Vortex carto and couldn't stand it. Wrecked the carto, too. Ouch, expensive!  Strong coffee and cream flavor with a bit of sweetness. We'll be trying this one again, but just not good out of the Vortex. Such a strong flavor I've been putting off dripping it again for fear of ruining a $10 atomizer.  Maybe I'll make an atomizer out of an old carto and try that... hmmmm. Good or bad, it's gonna need a full review.

Capt's Cranjerry - Tasty! Personalized flavor. First bottle I ordered the nic too strong by accident. 24mg is too much for me these days. Reordered at 12mg and it's just right. Nice tart cranberry flavor with a pretty decent caramel rum flavor. Not an all day vape, but definitely one to enjoy at the right moment. We'll be doing a full review on this one.

US4 - Something's not right. This is me trying to be creative and make an American Tobacco version of RY-4. Fail. At least so far. There's the smooth tobacco flavor. Check. Carmel. Check. Hint of vanilla. Check. And an underlying stale taste. My second order from GV and all three juices had that same staleness to them. Leaving the US4-Honey and Capt's Cranjerry out and uncapped for 24 hours fixed two of them, but it's still there with this one. Not sure what's up. We'll let it sit a bit longer.

RY-4 - Not. Sorry, it's just not RY-4. Tobacco is there. Little bit of caramel and vanilla. Something else... But it's not RY-4. It's not horrible. But I'd have to pass on this one.

RY-5 - Also not RY-4. Strong, more earthy tobacco flavor.  Maybe similar to the original RY-5, if such a thing ever existed. Never tried it if it did. We'll hit it again, but first blush was not terribly pleasant.

Red Marble - I like. I think. Yah, I like. Pretty sure. Nice complex tobacco flavor. There's a hint of sweetness, and spiciness to it. It's a light taste that sits well when you vape it. Almost but not quite mint tone to it, as well. I'll be finishing off the sample bottle on this one and give it a full review.

Mom's Rasberry Truffle - Not bad. Tastes like a tootsie-pop. You know when you swirl it around in your mouth once the ridge is dissolved and your tongue gets coated with sticky Tootsie Roll/cherry goodness. Yah, kinda like that. I'll vape it a bit more but it's a full review candidate, if only because generally speaking I find chocolate flavors to be monstrously suck-ass. This one, not so bad so far.

US4-Honey - Still my favorite and one of my personalized blends. Light flavored tobacco with caramel, touch of vanilla, and a sweet honey after taste. First 10ml bottle I vaped it dry from a Vortex. Second bottle came with that weird stale taste. After steeping for almost a month the stale taste appears to be gone and it seems to be settling in to it's proper deliciousness. Review will be forthcoming.

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