Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ms T's Box O' Wonders

Cutsie-Foo-Foo stuff really isn't my bag of doughnuts, but I gotta admit... When the package from Ms. T's Bakery Essentials arrive a few days ago, I grinned like a little kid.

I'll get into the testing of the juice soon, but just the package itself is worth a full blog post.

First off, the whole box is packed with popcorn. No, not packing popcorn, real freakin' popcorn! I love popcorn. And what have we here? Why there's some candy in there, as well. Now, granted, I'd prefer a sampler of Jamaican rum, but hey candy will do! Ms. T got herself a customer right there and I hadn't even tasted the juice. That's some fun stuff!

She also throws in a few extras, that apparently vary from time-to-time. In this case, tossed into the mix was a nice pen and a magnet with the Ms. T's logo on them. The little ones promptly confiscated the candy and the pen. Rounding everything out is a full menu (that's actually formatted like a restaurant menu) and some very nice business cards.

Oh, and the juice is in there, too. Nicely packed and sealed in a plastic baggy. The whole experience is like opening your lunch box and finding it stuffed with Twinkies instead of a cheese sandwich. Two thumbs up.

Popcorn packing, candy, printed materials, awesome juice... Ms. T's is a win.
The juices I grabbed are Snickerdoodle Cookie, Bavarian Cream Filled Doughnut, Blueberry Muffin, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mountain Pop, and the test kitchen sampler of Gourmet Vanilla. I also picked up a Bottle Buddy, which is actually quite handy, and a bottle of Ms. Ts sweetener for mixing with some other juices.

Definitely not my normal fare, but I figured if I'm going to a bakery I might as well go all out.  The one's I've tried have been fantastic. The Mountain Pop was wicked good.  Vaped the whole bottle in two days and reordered the 15ml bottle already. Definitely worth a try.

Ordering from Ms. T's is straightforward with the shopping cart system you see everywhere.  The website is well designed and has a down home kitchen feel to it. Like ordering from a kitchen supply vendor, but there's a home-made feel about it. Shipping was fairly quick and everything was, as mentioned, well packed and arrived just as ordered. From ordering to delivery, Ms. T is building a customer experience that I haven't seen anywhere in the vaping world before.

Like a kid in a candy store. Great production value and great juice! Sweetness!

I've mentioned before about the importance of production values. A quality product is the most important thing, but it's not going to go anywhere if it's not packaged properly.  Ms. T's has hit their niche spot on.  Down home, home-made cooking with some of the best and most unique flavors available. Boxing everything up the way it is adds that extra bit of flare and attention to detail that many vendors could take note of.  It's this sort of thing that lends legitimacy to the commercial side of vaping and it's the extra care that builds long term customer relationships.

And the juice is fabulous.

Juice reviews coming, but if you like good juice that's a bit different than the regular stuff, give Ms. T's a try. Way fun!

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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