Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Juice Review: Ms. T's Mountain Pop

It tastes just like Mountain Dew soda pop.

There. Done.

Easy review!

Ok, so maybe I should say juuuust a wee bit more.

Like maybe, it's freakin' awesome?  Oh, yeah!

The Juice: Mountain Pop
The Vendor: Ms. T's Bakery Essentials
The Mix: proprietary/undisclosed
Nic Strength: 14mg
Add-Ons: None

Vaping On: VGo with Got Vapes Vortex

Quick Look

Throat Hit: None  Low   Medium  High  Ouch!
Vapor: Meh   Low   Medium   High   Damn!
Taste: Nada  Minor   Mild   Medium   Strong   Gak!
Overall Rating: 5 Puffs (out of 5)

De-licious!  I got a Mountain Dew soda in one hand and some Ms. T's Mountain Pop in another while at work. My co-workers think I'm crazy, but it works. Can't tell the difference. Mountain Pop's throat hit combined with the perky lime flavor even feels like soda bubbles.

Could be my imagination, but who cares. Good stuff!

It vapes nice and clean out of the VGo and a Vortex cartridge. Mr. T's proprietary VG/PG blend put up some nice puffy vapor. The website says that they won't disclose the mix, but that it contains more VG than PG.

Even at "low" (14mg) nicotine level I get a nice TH that feels just right.  I also tried it in a CE2 carto. That one wicked a little slow, so I couldn't take quite as long a drag on it, but it did well with massive vapor production, as expected. In a regular Kanger horizontal carto it worked perfectly, though the flavor took a slight dip when compared to the Vortex or the CE2.

The only downsides?

Well, first, this is one of those flavors you could easily over vape and burn out your atty or carto. Easy. Second, no caffeine.  If Ms. T's puts caffeine in this they won't be able to keep it in stock. That would suck.  Third, because you'll vape it so frequently, the bottle empties out way too fast. Ms. T's offers them in 15ml bottles, so order two... or three... at least.

Mountain Pop is seriously close to being added to the permanent restock list in the juice pantry.

I've never tried the Mountain whathaveya flavors from anyone else. Now I don't need to. Found the perfect one and I'm good.  Go getcha some!

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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