Monday, May 9, 2011

Juice Review: Alien Visions E-Juice Flue Cured

I've been sitting around for a few days trying to decide which particular e-juice to review first for Vape-O-Rama. I finally decided I'd just go for it and review whatever the hell I happen to be vaping at the moment.  So what's loaded up right now?

AVE's Flue Cured!

The Juice: Flue Cured Tobacco
The Vendor: Alien Visions E-Juice
The Mix: 100% VG
Nic Strength: 18mg
Add-Ons: None

Vaping On: VGo 808 with 2.6-2.8 ohm CE2 r4 XL Cartomizer

Quick Look

Throat Hit: None  Low   Medium  High  Ouch!
Vapor: Meh   Low   Medium   High   Damn!
Taste: Nada  Minor   Mild   Medium   Strong   Gak!
Overall Rating: 3 Puffs (out of 5)
(For reference, my sweet spot to get a 5 is Medium TH, Damn! vapor, and Medium to Strong taste. Your mileage may vary.)


I pretty much prefer tobacco flavors at this point, though I have to admit that some of the fruit and drink juices are starting to grow on me. Naturally, when I decided to try AVE's juice I grabbed a couple of tobacco flavors including Flue Cured. 

I tried it straight out of the mailbox and it was pretty good but a little weak. Huge vapor as expected from a VG juice. 

It can be somewhat temperamental with the CE2 r4 carto. Tends to be slow on the wick, so you'll get that burnt atty taste if ya draw it too fast.  However, it will vape nice and smooth out of this carto when you find the right draw. (Note: That's also a characteristic of the CE2 style carto when used with high VG liquids. Taking the time to load it into a filler-style carto, or maybe even a Vortex carto, may produce better results.)

It's actually doing nicely on the atty as well.  After 6ml of juice it's still nice and clean.

I let it steep for about 10 days and then vaped the bottle dry. Having the last bit of it now, in fact.  The taste is a solid flue cured tobacco with a slightly earthy undertone. No sweetness at all, which is greatly appreciated in this particular type of flavor. I've had flue cured juices that seem to have a dark and off putting nutty taste, but AVE's is quite pleasant.  

My main disappointment is the flavor's strength didn't quite pick up after letting it steep. That probably means it needs a bit longer. Or it could be that's just the way this one is, being pure VG.  It's not devoid of flavor at all. I'd just like a little more. 

If you're a big fan of flue cured tobaccos I don't think you can go wrong with AVE's version. In fact, the juice is so pleasant, for the flue fan this could easily become a staple. Unlike other flue cured juices I've tried, there's no dark harshness to this one.

The big fat plumes of vapor and the solid, but easy to take, TH make this one the best of the flue cured tobacco's I've tried so far. The taste that's there is quite good and much more to my liking. I'd suggest giving it a full two weeks or more to steep, though. Just to be thorough.

Out of the four or five flue cured tobacco juices I've tried, AVE's is the best and the one I'll be going to when I'm in the mood.

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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