Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gear Review: LeCig D1 Starter Kit

No, not for me. Sheesh.

Mother's Day and Mom wants an e-cig. So I shop around and I'm leaning toward a couple of models. It's got to be something she'll actually use and something that doesn't look like a pipe bomb.

Then I stumbled across the LeCig web site. Is this perfect or what???

Yup. It's the perfect Mom kit.

Now, I'm perfectly aware that I can get a kit just like this without the pretty colors and the fancy logo for, oh, $20 less. At $59.99 (on sale) it's a tad on the pricey side for an KR 808D-1 two bat kit.  LeCig, of De Queen, Arkansas, is definitely shooting for the trendy and/or fashion conscious and/or gift market. This is not a bad thing, really.

I'm certainly not complaining. They sold on me, right?

Ordering was rock solid and great customer service. Shipping was free. No minimum, just free shipping.  Gotta love that! 

The website is well done and easy to navigate with descriptive text.  They even mention in the product text that it's an 808D-1 battery. More vendors in this market category should list the battery type. LeCig sells all the good stuff including cartos, liquids, extra batteries, several different battery types, and even a book to help quit smoking.

 LeCig shipped the kit the day after I ordered it and I got it the next day via US Priority Mail. Everything arrived intact and in good working order.

The LeCig D1 Kit package. Fancy, yet... not fancy. Hmmm...

The D1 Starter Kit ($69.99 base price) includes everything you would expect. USB and USB wall chargers, a pack of five cartomizers (available in various Tobacco flavors, Vanilla, or Menthol), a carrying case and two batteries.

The kit I received had a standard 808 and a short one. Which concerned me at first because the pictures on the web site indicate two regular 808s.  But... Mom actually likes the shorty better, so that worked out.  I'd inquire before ordering, though. The text doesn't say anything about a short bat, which will have a lower mAh rating (meaning, shorter battery life).

Between the french sounding name and logo, the finish on the batteries, and the color selection of the cases, these are oriented toward a feminine market, obviously. Don't worry gents, they also make the Pig Cig for those that need a little manly in their PV. 

Room for two KR 808D-1 batteries, charger and two cartomizers.

The batteries themselves are actually quite nicely made. These are from the higher end of the 808-scale, which has a tendency to vary from super-nice and reliable (like the V2 Cigs) to complete crap (like... some others). You get what you pay for.  These are done in gloss white with little off white rings going around the length of the bat, giving the whole thing a textured appearance.

A nice touch, the case is one of the ones that can accommodate the small size USB charger. Basically, the small weekender style case.  I really need one of those myself (charger and case). No, I didn't steal Mom's, but I thought about for a second or two.

I ordered up the Menthol flavor cartos. Not my bag of doughnuts, but this was a gift. I would urge Le Cig to reconsider the bright green color on the carto. Yow!  White would definitely be better, regardless of flavor. (Print the flavor in small letters on the carto wrapper if you have to, ya know?)

My other minor nit to pick is that the D1 Kit doesn't come in a box. Just the Priority mail box and everything else is (neatly) packet in plastic baggies. Don't get me wrong, it was packed up nice and tight and shipped well. No problem there. I just think a nice gift box, particularly at this price range, is something of a requirement. I just think if you're going to go fancy, go fancy.

Nice touches. The textured looking finish and the LeCig logo printed on the bat.

That said, the Le Cig itself is well made. The case is standard but available in multiple colors with the classy LeCig logo on them. Everything works perfectly.  Mom loves it. I'm a happy customer.

I'll definitely recommend the LeCig D1 to people looking for a good looking e-cig, one that will go out in public with some respectability, and is well made and simple to use. I usually recommend V2 for that audience, but the LeCig brand certainly will have an appeal for many. A little sprucing up on the packaging, and LeCig will be able to carve out a nice niche market.

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,

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  1. Thanks for the awesome E Cig recommendation, I am looking into switching.